Razor Sharp – Woox A1X Hand Axe – Field Test

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Woox A1X Hatchet – Field Test

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Price : $229 retail Made in Italy, developed in US – woox describes themselves as a high end tool and stock company

Weight : 2.3lbs on my scale

Colors/Finishes : Walnut / Midnight Grey

WOOX AX1 is a unique tomahawk-style hand axe that features an octagonal Appalachian hickory handle to bring durability and ergonomics. Finished with Cerakote to enhance the performance of the ax, make it more resistant to abrasions, wear and tear, corrosion, chemicals, and impact.Featuring a tempered carbon steel head and diamond heel, this ax is perfect for camping or clearing trees and bush in your back yard.Get the best from your AX1 with WOOX’s leather sheath, Arkansas Whetstone and all the other ax accessories.*Italian leather collar included with each ax. Custom leather sheath available for purchase separately.

The WOOX AX1 is a quality tomahawk style hand axe. Sporting a solid wedge-shaped axe head made of tempered carbon steel, along with Cerakoted in either black or gray for improved weather resistance, this axe is one of a kind.

WOOX has developed a leather and collar sheath (protects handle) specifically designed only for the AX1 to keep it safe and clean when not in use.


Observations :

No sheath included and I personally don’t like this. For the price, one should be included especially considering how sharp this tool is. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate or as feature rich as the $70 version but something needs to be included to cover the blade.– one can be purchased for an additional of $70. It’s nice but for an axe of this price, something should have been included.

Impressions : Without the doubt, the nicest axe/hatch that I have ever used.

Gimping is a nice touch; does allow for finer control over the axe head with finer work.

My thoughts so far are :

Price : Without a doubt, this is one of the more expensive hand axes out on the market that I am aware of; In fact, this is more expensive than most full size axes and that is a problem. While is exceptionally nice and the quality is top notch…price is always going to be a touchy topic especially when you can buy a quality hatchet/hand exe for $50. Something to keep in mind, higher end products can provide a higher end experience which can make your life easier and can also be safer.

If you purchase too inexpensively you may get something dull out of the box or a tool which dulls quickly and won’t hold an edge. The other opposite end of this is that you can spend too much and you can go past the point of even returns for the money.

Speaking of which, coming up soon I will have a more budget friendly hatchet to put to through the paces in another Field Test!


Delimbing – Chopping Test

Standing Splitting – remember, when splitting, the trick isn’t strength and power, it is finesse. With finesse you can balance power and control, wildly swinging will result in someone getting hurt.

Lay-down – Center Split – Feather stick – Hammering

Strike guidance – straight or does it curve – this is important as not axe heads are created equal. Some heads will guide one way or the other

How does the handle absorb impacts : Much better than metal handles as wooden handles do a better job of absorbing vibrations.

If you’re chopping with a hatchet, unless you are very well trained, chop from a kneeling position. This way an errant swing stops at the ground, not your leg.

If you’re using a block, place the piece of wood being chopped towards its rear edge.

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