Serious Flames and Heat – Lixada Large Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove – Real Review

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke is discussing the Pros and Cons of the Large Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove from Lixada.

For the money, this stove is awesome!
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Lixada Large Stainless Steel Stove

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Price : $29.00

Weight of stove : 1lb 1.7oz
Weight of storage bag : .5oz

Sizes : There are multiple sizes and variants of this stove including smaller version and even a titanium version of this stove – This is the Large Stainless Steel Stove and it measures :
some versions come with an alcohol stove and cost a good bit more

Lixada also has different stoves which feature a more boxy design

Measurements :
Setup : 6.5” wide x 7.5” tall with pot supports

Folded : 7” wide x 7.25” long x .25” thick

Review Pros :
Large size stove
Good price
Good quality
Smooth edges
Stainless steel construction
Good size storage bag – big enough to easily fit the components into it
Weight isn’t bad considering the size
setup process is straight-forward
Plenty of air holes
raised legs so it can sit on all types of surfaces without issues
once it is put together it stays together
large fuel chamber
Feeding this stove is very, very easy and can be done from the top of the center plate.
Accepts large pieces of wood
Easy to Lite

Review Cons :
setup with this style of stove is somewhat cumbersome and gloves aren’t a terrible idea easilu as you use the stove and there is some natural warpage.

Summary :
This is a good stove for those who like to burn wood and want a larger stove to work with. This is made for large pots, big pans and would be great for larger groups. Before purchasing this stove, I would ask yourself whether or not you need the size as it is large.

Should be mentioned that the design isn’t anything unique or special and in fact, there are many companies who make the same product but with a different company logo on it. This is the least expensive version that I have seen but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was another company out there who was selling it for less.

Performance is good, it’s of a large size, can burned for a long time and can put out a lot of heat.

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