Next Generation Military Tent – Litefighter Catamount 2 Military Tent – First Look

In this episode, Luke is discussing the Next Generation of Military Tent, the Litefighter Catamount 2! This tent is going into testing now and in fact, the Test Night Episode will be coming up very soon I promise you this, it is going to be a wild ride!
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LiteFighter CataMount 2 Military Tent – First Look

Retail Price : $553
Camp : OCP

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Setup Impressions : Easy especially for a 4 season tent.

I will touch upon this in more detail with the Before You Buy Episode which will be coming up soon.

Potential Issues :
Let me ask my cold weather experienced friends what potential problem that they see with this tent; pause and comment down below. This is a real issue that can be a pain in ass. As snow falls, if the poles are warm enough, snow will melt and refreeze and when you go to breakdown the tent the poles are locked into place and have to be melted to come a part. It doesn’t sound like a problem but it can be in certain circumstances.

External, weather exposed poles can be a nightmare in certain situations. I have plenty of experiences with such setups and having poles that have froze together can be a major hinderance.

Quality : Everything here looks to be excellent; seams, poles are substantial, stitching, seam tape

Tent appears to be very solid, lots of guy points so the tent can be anchored in bad weather.

Includes snow anchors as well as stakes
Two doors is awesome

Heavy as h*ll.
Large too! This will take up the main body of most backpacks
Storage bag is awesome; it is what I refer to as burrito bag style as you basically wrap the contents and cinch.
Can be setup without the inner, with and also without a groundsheet as well.

The CataMount 2 has been extensively tested by Natick Labs, The US Army Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC), and used by units in Alaska, Europe, and the Northern United States. This mountaineering tent is ideal for units who train and fight in cold weather conditions, and need a proven lightweight shelter to protect their soldiers against the elements.

Our CataMount 2 Cold Weather Tent includes a 70D nylon inner tent, a 30D nylon rainfly cover, nylon floor but I’m not certain what the denier rating is, an all-in-one aluminum pole frame, ten ground stakes, an accessory kit, fabric repair patches, a tent pole repair splint, four tent guy-outs with molded tensioners, a waterproof visual user guide, an accessory kit bag, pole bag, waterproof groundsheet, and a tent carrying case.

: NSN 8340-01-685-4246,

Those are my initial impressions; I will have a Before you Buy episode detailing the setup process and also at least one, possibly two Test Night Episodes will be coming up to test waterproofness and moisture/condensation control

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