The BEST 3 Campfire Snacks!! Campfire Cooking & Food

Take your campfire snacks to the next level! These are my 3 favorite #campfire #snacks to have during camping or even in your backyard fire pit. These are super #easy to make: Campfire cones, cinnamon roll ups, and sweet & savory pigs in a blanket.

Hi, I’m Jax & I’m here to share with you my passion cars/motorcycles, adventure and food! Staying on the straight and narrow might be for some people, but its much more fun when you take a detour!

I’ve always loved making food and sharing delicious eats with friends and family. I opened my first restaurant back in 2015 and its had its ups and downs, but the smile it puts on people’s faces when they love your food is absolutely amazing. I’ll be sharing some great food and adventures so please make sure to stick around!

Come join me on my snack detour! Who knows where this venture will take us.

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