Learn Lightroom Classic 11’s New Masking Features In Under 10 Minutes

Last week, Adobe updated Lightroom Classic to version 11 and added several enhancements to the software’s masking capabilities. These enhancements include the ability to select your image’s subject, or the sky, with a single click, as well as the ability to fine-tine masks with color and luminance range controls.

In this video (8 mins., 30 sec.) Photoshop and Lightroom expert Julieanne Kost walks you through the new masking features and how to use them.

Though many serious and professional photographers have in recent years found Lightroom to be a more flexible application than Photoshop for RAW photography workflow, Photoshop’s masking tools have remained more sophisticated compared to those in Lightroom, necessitating use of both applications for some types of adjustments. As Lightroom’s masking capabilities improve, there’s less of a need for Photoshop if you’re simply developing RAW images.

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