Making food for backpacking – Beef Stroganoff

So today I want to make some dry food for camping/hiking using my harvest right freeze-dyer. However, in the process, I am going to be making some beef stroganoff which turned out to be ideal for freeze-drying.

This was inspired after talking to a friend of mine who goes hiking with his family. When camping on the first night he really likes to have some of the prepackaged freeze dryer food you get from rei or Costco. The problem with this stuff, other than the coast, is the fact that there is a high level of salt in the dish, which is perfectly great when you are actively hiking, but when he is just camping with his family, it’s quite high for his children.

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Harvest Right Freeze-Dryer:

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Lens Adaptor:

============= Ingredients ==================
2 medium onions
16 Oz 450 g of Mushrooms
1 lb or 500 g of Sirlioin steak
2 tablespoons of butter
1/4 cup or 35 g of flour
6 cups or 1.5L of Beef Broth
1.5 cups or 250 g of Sour Cream
12 oz package (350 g) of uncooked egg noodles
Healthy shakes of worstershire sauce
One healthy dose of love.

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