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The Trail Runner System: Our Review

Our canicross reviewers have been out testing the trail runner system from Ruffwear and it has definitely been put to the test thanks to a trail run through Squirrel Woods (at it has now become known).

Trail RunnerFirstly, the dog’s harness. The canine team member has been wearing the lightweight, low profile, harness and it has a paws-up for comfort. We know this because it has enabled him to race around, enjoy all of his favourite things and he willingly runs towards it when appears in the morning. There are four adjustment points so it’s a great fit and once in place, there’s no additional movement or room for escape! This is designed as more of an adventure harness than a bespoke cani-cross harness and for us, it has offered the perfect combination of being able to run around together, but also then as a secure harness for walking together. As long as you have the cues you need and the harness isn’t purely associated with running, it’s a great piece of kit for adventurous days out and holidays. Ours has so far survived sea-water, swimming in a lake, rolling in everything and the attachment for the lead has held firm when fifty kilos of excited dog pulled towards a squirrel.

Trail RunnerSecondly, the human’s running belt. I have fallen in love with this! It’s not only joining us on runs but has become my ‘go-to’ for long walks too. The water-resistant pocket comes in very handy, the water bottle is perfectly positioned so you forget it’s there and the whole system is ergonomically designed so that it doesn’t bounce while you’re walking or running. The quick release system on the belt is compatible with any lead; we have been out with longer running leads and shorter leads for busy trails. This has become a firm favourite for day to day as well as a must-have for longer adventures!

  • Trail Runner System (Belt & Lead) – £74.95Website
  • Hi & Light Harness – £39.95Website

Pictures – Ruffwear

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